Harrah’s LV Introduces Electronic Craps

By Ben Hamill - February 18 2021

Harrah’s LV Introduces Electronic Craps

Harrah’s Las Vegas recently rolled out a very special Craps table. No felt and no traditional chips, but certainly Craps, their first-of-a-kind Roll to Win Craps table is an electronic table with an LED screen and traditional dice with which to shoot.

Roll to Win Craps is modern meets a classic casino game that adds several interesting elements to the game by incorporating LED touch-screen technology, animations, and sound. The entertainment value is what turns the classic game into a thrilling experience, with the table reacting to the Craps action every time a shooter makes a move or aces a win. 

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How It Works

Unlike a traditional Craps table, players don’t place their bets by means of physical casino chips. Instead, not unlike what a massive online casino slot would look like, bets are placed electronically by selecting denominations from the display on the table itself. Each player has a personal screen from which to manage their wagers.

The personal screen, or station, accepts cash which is then converted into “chips” displayed on the LED, and pays out in special tickets that can later be cashed out at a Harrah’s cashier point. Essentially, the only equipment that is ever touched by the player is the LED touchscreen and the dice whenever it comes time to shoot.

This means that although players still get to experience the thrill of rolling the bones, there aren’t nearly as many surfaces to clean as with a traditional Craps table. 

Promoting Personal Hygiene

The LED screen serves a dual purpose. Not only is it a much cleaner and more hygienic experience in general, but the table also displays valuable titbits of information all throughout. This makes of Roll to Win Craps a great way for new players to become accustomed with the rules and conventions of a game many players find intimidating at first.

The game was created by Aruze Gaming America Inc. and developed as part of a special effort to not only modernise a classic casino game, but also to introduce new players to the game at a pace they’re comfortable with individually. This allowance for players to learn the ropes at a personal pace is all about helping new generations discover and enjoy a classic casino game in an ultra-modern way, says Aruze president Rob Ziems.

Roll to Win Craps is the first Craps game ever to me made entirely of screen, touch points, and electronics. And for that extra level of personal safety, each player station is kitted out with a plexiglass screen for protection.

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