Grand Blue Heron To Open Hotel In 2020

By Ben Hamill - October 11 2019

Port Perry’s Great Blue Heron Casino will be hosting the ribbon-cutting ceremony in commemoration of the opening of a brand new hotel in July 2020. The casino is constantly looking for new ways to expand on its current entertainment and product offerings and said that the next logical step was a hotel tower equipped to present guests with a premium accommodation experience.

Hotel accommodation and the inclusion of family friendly offerings are no longer regarded as optional extras. The casino and entertainment industry is regarded as one that is highly competitive on an international scale; and much more so than most other industries. By offering premium accommodation, Great Blue Heron hopes to not only attract players but also to keep them around for longer.

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All About The Experience

Modern-day players want the full experience. The Great Blue Heron hopes to offer to its patrons exactly that and the hotel is expected to form a big part of what the group ultimately hopes to achieve.

In addition to the accommodation itself, the hotel will include a complimentary breakfast bar as well as 24-hour room service. These have become near-givens at casino hotels all over the world and the Great Blue Heron is obviously eager to continue the tradition.

But the hotel isn’t the only exciting ad-on planned at the Heron. Construction will also include a 500-seater entertainment space and mini-arena. This ties in with the group’s family-friendly offerings and will be used mainly for live music acts. An expanded casino floor forms part of the grand re-opening plan too. An incredible 20,000 square feet’s worth of space will be added to the existing casino venue and floor, making room for more slots and table games than ever before.

Plans Long In The Making

The casino and future hotel are owned and operated by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. The operator first announced its plans regarding the expansion and construction of the new hotel when it, in partnership with Brookfield Business Partners, secured the rights to acquire the business assets in the Greater Toronto Area Gaming Bundle.

The wheels of development and planning were immediately set into motion and the planned construction of the hotel was announced soon after. The hotel will feature a total of 116 rooms, including basic accommodation, luxury accommodation, and also everything in between. The luxury premium suites will provide to discerning guests the perfect escape into the world of gambling and entertainment.

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