Genting Hands Out Donations To NY Lawmakers

By Ben Hamill - February 01 2020

genting logo

Asia-based casino giant Genting Group is as it turns out so eager to this year witness a massive expansion on especially the New York casino and betting front, that its willing to put its money where its mouth is as far as contributions go. The group recently donated a total of $132,000 in contributions to various prominent US lawmakers in an attempt to show their willingness to contribute to the hand that feeds them.

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It must also be mentioned that the donation; distributed among some of the country’s most influential lawmakers, including the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul, as well as some 13 other democratic state lawmakers; comes at a crucial time on the annual legislation calendar as it was made right on time in order to coincide with Albany’s start-of-2020 legislative season. This not only indicates commitment to succeed on the part of Genting, but also an astute awareness of the need to strike the iron whilst its hot.

Sports Betting May Go Mobile

And that the iron is currently especially hot, what with sports betting going mobile being a point on lawmakers’ agendas once more, is no secret at all. If the state of New York were to legalise mobile sports betting, a whole new world’s worth of opportunities will be instantly unleashed.

Needless to say, when it comes to crunch-time, lawmakers will first up consider those operators who had joined the rally process early on instead of roping in names they’ve never even heard of. That Genting is working at a definite plan is no government secret.

Time Is The Enemy

But mobile sports betting isn’t the only prize in Genting’s mind. The group has also been pushing tirelessly and hard for expansion of the games offerings currently present at its Empire Centre Casino and its Resorts World New York City venue. It is seeking form lawmakers the necessary push for legislation that will allow the inclusion of casino slot machines, which inclusion will quite naturally turn the venues into actual casinos. At present, only Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) are available at the venues.

The outcome following the due legal processes is expected to be decided on around 2023 as three years is the standard turn-around time for a decision to be effectively made, re-formulated and passed as legislation. Various conversations on the topic have however indicated that the decision-making process will this time round be finalised much sooner than what had been the case in the past.

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