Ex GCGC CEO Still In Trouble With Beaver Creek

By Ben Hamill - June 17 2021

Ex GCGC CEO Still In Trouble With Beaver Creek

Rod Baker, the former CEO of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, and his wife, actress Ekaterina Baker, made headlines at the beginning of the year. The two infamously attempted to jump ahead in the vaccine queue in the remote town of Beaver Creek. Now, it seems as though residents in the town are far from forgiving the couple for their antics.

The Bakers flew into the town on a chartered aircraft and then travelled to a local vaccination clinic. There, they presented themselves as local staff members to jump the queue. The couple currently faces two charges of failing to self-isolate and failing to follow declaration.

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Baker’s Resignation

At the time that he attempted to deceive the community of Beaver Creek, Rod Baker was serving as the Chief Executive Office of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. A few days after the news broke, he handed in his resignation and stepped down from the position with immediate effect. At that stage, the corporation chose not to make any comments on his departure.

However, that did not mark the end of the controversy for the corporation. It recently made headlines for being involved in yet another debate. Former staff members of Nanaimo Casino have filed several individual lawsuits against it alleging wrongful dismissal. They also claim that the workers’ bonuses have been cut off and that the corporation attempted to force members of staff into accepting buyouts as severance pay.

Five Months Down The Line

It has now been five months since the Bakers’ vaccination scandal, and Beaver Creek residents remain furious at the couple. They are demanding that the Bakers do jail time as opposed to paying the measly fines of CA$500 per charge. Carmen Hinson, the owner of Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant and Café, said that residents are most upset about the deception that the couple attempted to carry out – particularly so because he is a millionaire.

Janet Vander Meer, a volunteer coordinator for Beaver Creek, said that as First Nation people, the community has already been abused for far too long. She believes that the Bakers were willing to put the entire population at risk with their actions. Despite living several hours’ drive away from where the Bakers’ hearing is being held, she travels to every single one so that she can send a clear message to the prosecution – the people of Beaver Creek have their representation present at the trial.

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