Gateway & OLG Confirmed As Awards Sponsors

By Ben Hamill - December 08 2019

Gateway and the OLG are in it for much more than just the profit and monetary gain. The operators have both been confirmed as main sponsors of the next instalment of the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards in Sault Ste. Marie. The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce confirmed the news. The upcoming awards event, which is currently in its nominations phase, enjoys a longstanding relationship with both operators in their capacities as main sponsors of the cause.

The deadline for the current nominations phase is January 10, after which nominated businesses will be shortlisted in their applicable awards categories. There is a wealth of different categories for which a local business or businessperson may be nominated, some of which include Employer of the Year Award, Downtown Business of the Year Award and Community First Award.

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Their Involvement Is Ongoing

Both Gateway Casinos & Entertainment as well as the OLG are actively involved in various host communities. Neither the crown corporation nor the operator are known to hold back on giving back to the communities that support their respective venues and businesses.

Operators typically plough back into local communities by way of Municipality Contribution Agreements. These agreements provide guidelines for the principle of contributing towards the upkeep of local municipalities. Operators typically allocate a set percentage of their annual turnover towards these municipality agreements. Funds allocated in this way are utilised in various highly effective ways and some of the avenues enjoying the benefits of the cash allocations include road works, the improvement and further development of local city infrastructure, job creation, service delivery, and many more.

Big Time Employers

In addition to the regular cash allocations paid over to local municipalities, Gateway also employs thousands of people all over the country. Folks working in everything from hospitality to food services to fields related to technical and support know-how are permanently employed by the operator.

Job creation is an important step towards alleviating poverty and thanks to Gateway and the OLG, many people who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to generate the means to a livelihood, are now gainfully and happily employed.

The OLG and Gateway are particularly interested in local business development, which explains both parties’ ongoing interest in the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. And thanks to their ongoing financial support, nominees are once again able to look forward to being recognised for their own contributions to the community and to city coffers.

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