Starlight Casino Heads Towards London, Ontario

By Ben Hamill - May 03 2019

Gateway Group Sets Its Sights On London, Ontario

The city of London in Southwest Ontario may very well soon be in a position of having its cake and eating it too; if it decides to play the hand that it’s been dealt, that is. The city has been approached by the Gateway Casinos & Entertainment group in order for the necessary permit to be issued by council that would authorise the re-zoning of a portion of land that has been earmarked by the group as a possible location for its new Starlight Casino.

Re-zoning would be the first step towards preparing the piece of land for the development of a casino, as it’s required as such by law. The proposed location is currently still owned by the concrete company, N-J Spivak Ltd. and is situated between Bradley Avenue and Wharncliffe Road. If the necessary approvals for rezoning are issued by council, London will in the near future reap the benefit s of a stellar prime casino development; this after the Gateway group had earlier on made the call to scrap all plans for a casino development in Western Fair District, and opting to go with the city of London instead.

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New Location Ideal For Entertainment

The location of the new site was selected as such as according to Gateway’s city planners, it will ensure a steady flow of individuals, thanks to crucial elements of infrastructure already being in place. If the development were to go ahead at the proposed site, the entire region will be transformed into a gaming and entertainment hub; much like what has been happening in BC, Alberta and the rest of Ontario.

In addition to the casino, the region will also then become home to a number of prime new restaurants and entertainment opportunities, most of which will in actual fact be 100% family-friendly. Gateway’s style of operation has been one of consistently moving away from secluded casino areas, with the focus being on well-rounded entertainment resorts instead. This opens up the spectrum for the entire family to join in and have good time.

Gateway: They Knew We Were Leaving

Western Fair District’s council, on its part, has been aware of the fact that the entertainment group had been on the lookout for an alternative option in terms of the expansion of its existing Western Fair slots venue. Former mayor Matt Brown had been stringing Gateway along for the past two years and the group had eventually reached the point of having had to make an immediate decision of where it was headed and when.

It eventually decided to cut its ties with the district and identified London as the ideal alternative thanks to its location and general attitude of approachability.

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