Gateway Extends Layoff Benefits To June 30

By Ben Hamill - April 07 2020

Gateway Extends Layoff Benefits To June 30

What with all casinos across the country having temporarily shut down their operations in a joint effort to help fight the spread of the deadly coronavirus, it stands to good reason that temporary layoffs are now part of everyday life for workers in the employment of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. Workers and union representatives saw this much coming and had no other option but to make peace with a situation of having to tone it down on the living expenses front for a couple of months.

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The assumption was that the employer would do what was necessary to invest back into its work force the same level of commitment that workers had shown Gateway Casinos for so many years when the sailing had been smooth. But when the operator announced that workers would only be receiving their basic employment benefits until the end of April, workers immediately experienced the notion that nothing owed to them in the spirit of a two-way relationship would be coming their way.

These Aren’t Typical Times

Workers were following the unusual decision on the part of the operator, and quite understandably, not at all happy with the situation surrounding what they believed were hard-earned benefits undeniably due to them and so the labour expertise of Orillia workers’ union Unifor was called upon for the purpose of fighting the good fight on their behalf.

Unifor executive Deb Tveit wasted no time getting involved in the conversation with the employer, and called on understanding in unprecedented times, not only from the side of workers, but also from that of the employer. The union via its executive representative argued that the affected employees deserved, in the very least, that the deadline regarding their benefits during temporary layoff period be extended.

Benefits Extended By Two Months

And so it was decided last Friday that the benefits due to employees during a time of layoffs as a result of something as unprecedented as a global pandemic, would be extended in the favour of the workforce, by another two months up until the end of the month of June, i.e. June 30th.

Gateway released a memo shortly after the meeting with Unifor representatives and confirmed that a more mutually beneficial agreement had been reached – one that would see to it that workers were able to focus on the rules of social distancing and staying safe and alive without having to feel concerned about something like terminated medical benefits during this time.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation have in the meantime invited players to engage in online games offered at as a means of gaming entertainment until such time as what the spread of the virus had slowed down to more controllable measures.

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