BCLC GameSense Advisors Now On The Phone

By Ben Hamill - May 15 2020

BCLC GameSense Advisors Now On The Phone

Just because we’ve been ordered to stay at home unless it’s to leave the house for essential items like food or medicine, doesn’t mean we’re now at the mercy of our own devices when having to keep a healthy balance whilst playing our favourite games online. And since most of what we have at our disposal now is time, there exists a possibility that the present-day circumstances may actually trigger an unhealthy relationship with gambling.

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Help is however at hand and it’s all thanks to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s GameSense program now being accessible by telephone. Contacting a GameSense Advisor is as easy as dialing the BCLC’s toll-free Customer Support Centre line. Ensuring safe gambling practices has never been quite this convenient.

Multiple Engagement Options

The telephone service is available 7 days a week and GameSense Advisors are available for a chat between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. Advisors are trained in such a manner that they are able to provide the best possible information and assistance available to the industry today. The idea behind the BCLC’s customer support centre is that telephonic GameSense consultations will bear the same positive fruit as that offered by on-location GameSense advisors when the service was offered at physical casinos and gaming halls.

Those players for whatever reason not keen to speak to an advisor over the phone, may instead opt to make use of the LiveChat offering that is now live and available on the BCLC’s PlayNow.com platform. This certainly is a very convenient alternative. Many folks are naturally more comfortable with putting their concerns in writing as opposed to raising those concerns over the phone. What’s more, since LiveChat conversations can be saved, this option is great for the purchase of referring back to the information provided at a later stage.

Help Goes Both Ways

The BCLC’s GameSense program is a clear indication that the industry understands that by helping players keep the relationship with gambling healthy and balanced, the industry is in turn safeguarded too. Online gaming can be a great deal of fun and it certainly is regarded a relaxing pastime by most.

But the few who do end up becoming addicted to whatever aspect of online play often need expert help in order to overcome whatever challenges they experience. In the majority of cases, an ear willing to listen and offer sound advice is all that’s needed to set folks back on the original track.

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