BCLC Declares GameSense Roll-Out A Success

By Ben Hamill - November 13 2019

The BCLC has completed the rollout of its GameSense Advisor (GSA) program. What this means is that ever casino in BC is now kitted out with a contact station that will be providing guidance and general counsel to players and members of staff regarding responsible gaming practices. The programme was developed in-house and by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation itself and hopes to be effective at encouraging players at casinos and other community gaming centers to engage on an ongoing basis with the specially trained staff positioned at the stations.

The program also involves the installation of touch screens that provide info on a variety of topics relating to sensible gaming as well as access to specific resources serving the same purpose; which is the cultivation of a safe-gaming society. The idea, said the BCLC when it first rolled out the initiative, is to keep gambling fun and also to significantly reduce gambling-related harm by way of proper education and information services.

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Widening The Circle

The program is being hailed as a landslide success and has according to the BCLC’s estimations, to date been accessed by at least 67,000 players. That’s not at all bad going, especially when considering that the program was only rolled out as recently as the spring of last year.

The BCLC at the time of first launch committed itself towards ensuring that GameSense is rolled out to every casino and gaming community centre by at least the autumn of 2019. The help stations were previously only available at actual casinos but have now been installed province-wide at community gaming centres too.

AG Proud Of The Achievement

Attorney General David Eby was one of the first prominent figures to have complemented the Crown Corporation on its milestone. The AG commented by saying that local government has to date made “significant” investments in an attempt to ensure that all of Canada’s players are adequately informed and protected and that seeking help for gambling addictions would not be a daunting affair, but instead, readily available.

Eby said that local access to help was important and that what the BCLC’s achievement comes down to is that life-changing conversations about responsible gaming is available to literally everyone. The AG expressed the hope that people would make use of the service offered by the BCLC.

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