BCLC’s GameSense Now In Two More Languages

By Ben Hamill - December 20 2019

The BCLC has announced that going forward, its proprietary GameSense program will be available not only in English, but also in Cantonese as well as Mandarin, at pre-selected casinos. GameSense is available across the province and offers to players the opportunity to approach on-location advisors when experiencing any issues with addictive or unhealthy gambling behaviour. The service is completely free and readily at hand, being on-site at casinos.

Up until now however, GameSense advisors were only able to assist players English, but thanks to the tireless efforts on the part of the BCLC, Asian players will now be in a position to be advised and counselled in their own mother tongues. Cantonese and Mandarin advisors will be available at selected casinos falling under the control of the BCLC, namely Starlight casinos and also at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. Two Starlight casinos have been named as GameSense locations set to offer services in the additional Asian languages. They are the Starlight Casino in New West Minster and the future Starlight Casino London. The latter is currently not yet open to the general public, and still in its planning and construction phase, but the extended service will be rolled out immediately at River Rock and Starlight Casino New West Minster.

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Two Major Asian Languages

More than 60 million people living in China speak Cantonese on a daily basis, and many more all over Asia speak Mandarin. Thanks to the Crown Corporation’s latest initiative, the majority of Asian players frequenting local BC casinos will now be in a position to have help instantly available and at hand when needed.

Many players experience problems with gambling and other addictions and its oftentimes simply a matter of receiving advice from trained professionals that makes a world of difference. Its furthermore important for players to have access to help in a language that they speak and understand, failing which such a service would be futile.

How GameSense Came To Be

The BCLC has been a super driving force rallying in support of responsible gambling practises in the province and this is how GameSense was initially born. Players are able to approach advisors for on-the-spot help in the form of meaningful conversations about a variety of problem areas. Players are then also equipped with coping mechanisms in order to either approach gambling from a healthier mental perspective, or in worst case scenarios, adopting a complete time-out altogether.

The ultimate goal is to normalise conversations about gambling and gambling-related problems. The process of normalisation ensures that the veil of secrecy is lifted and the stigma completely erased, thereby liberating players to speak up without shame or fear when gambling-related struggles are experienced.

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