8 Games Tables Coming To Western Fair Ontario

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2019

8 Games Tables Coming To Western Fair Ontario

The community of London, Ontario, is in for a real treat. Canadian casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment recently afforded local players an elite sneak peak into what the future of gaming may hold at its local Western Fair gaming hall.

Gateway has announced the future inclusion of 8 game tables at the venue. As it stands at the moment, Western Fair gaming hall presents players with a large selection of slots, totalling approximately 750 in number. Many of the slots present on the floor of the gaming hall are capable of paying out big-win jackpots but even so, players have often lamented the total absence of card games at actual tables in the past. The inclusion of Blackjack, Poker and Roulette is expected to fill a massive gap in the local market.

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Satisfying A Major Need

But the players aren’t the only ones to benefit from the inclusion of the new table games offerings. The expansion has also resulted in Gateway having had to supplement its staff head-count so as to satisfy the intensified demand on the current work force. A total of 50 new vacancies were created thanks to the inclusion of the new games tables.

As for locals residing in and around London, a true Vegas-style experience will for the first time ever be enjoyed locally. That’s a positive boost in terms of employment and a fantastic new experience awaiting players. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Starlight Casino Coming Soon

Western Fair will soon be relocated to the greater London area and all of the slots and table games and staff members along with it. The new Starlight Casino London will be situated in the vicinity of Highway 401 and once open to the general public, is expected to attract major revenue income to the city.

The expectation is that Gateway will employ 700 additional members of staff at Starlight, making the new venue one of the largest employers in the region by far. Staff will be working at the casino itself as well as in the various family-friendly businesses planned for the stunning new venue.

The goal is that Starlight will eventually be home to some 900 slot machines and 40 table games. This giant-size offering is expected to attract player support from London as well as from neighbouring communities.

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