Woman Embezzles Over a Million To Gamble

By Ben Hamill - May 20 2021

 Woman Embezzles Over a Million To Gamble

A 60-year-old woman from Temple Hill, Maryland, has admitted to having embezzled at least $1, 501,285.13 from a former employer, the Universal Ballet Foundation. According to an FBI statement from 2019, embezzler Sophia Kim stole the money in order to fuel her gambling addiction, among other financial problems.

According to the Office of the US Attorney DC, Kim spent the embezzled funds mostly at Maryland’s  MGM National Harbor Casino. She did this via over 200 direct withdrawals, unauthorised charges to debit cards, and direct charges to credit cards.

The problem gambler next heads back to court on September 15, 2021, on which date she’s expected to be sentenced. Kim faces a statutory penalty in terms of jail-time and could be looking at 30 years behind federal prison bars, as well as up to $1,000,000 in damages payments.

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Kim A Repeat Offender

Acting U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips said on Friday that Kim had abused her position of trust for scamming her non-profit employer out of over $1.5 million dollars – and that no tolerance would be shown for any offender found guilty of pillaging the coffers of those businesses and companies that made Washington such a great District to live in.

Interestingly enough, Kim’s 2019 dance with the federal arm of he law had not been her first. It was furthermore also not the first time she had dipped her fingers into cash registered belonging to dance companies somehow affiliated to Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church.

Kim’s previous run behind bars, which lasted for 24 months, had been the result of a conviction by a federal jury in 2013, after the problem gambler had been convicted of spending the money of her employer at the time, the Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation, as if it had been from her own personal bank account.

The Problem Gambling Judge

Tragically, Kim’s story isn’t unique or in any way isolated or unusual. And her story points to an affliction that is no respecter of person or status.

In October 2020, Pennsylvania Judge Michael Cabry III was charged with theft by a grand jury after evidence came to light that he had spent hundreds of thousands in campaign finance funds to feed his problem gambling habits at regional casinos.

The 59-year-old later admitted to a six-figure gambling habit that saw him spend hundreds of thousands at casinos across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The disenfranchised judge was eventually stripped of all duties and barred from entering the courthouse where he had been presiding.

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