Fremont Casino LV In Trouble With NGCB

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2020

Fremont Casino LV In Trouble With NGCB

Popular gaming venue the Las Vegas Fremont Casino Resort has found itself in hot water after local regulator the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) filed an official unsuitable operations complaint against the gaming establishment earlier this month.

According to the details contained in the complaint, Fremont Casino Resort security staff following an incident that took place shortly after midnight on November 24 last year, detained a female customer for at least 90 minutes for a theft she never committed.

The four-count complaint lodged with the Attorney General’s office on September 16 cites the committing of Regulation 5 violations, the conducting of unsuitable operations, and even damage caused to the state’s reputation as some of the reasons for the filing of complaint.

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Casino To Explain Behaviour

According to the version of the events described in the NGCB’s complaint, security officers employed by Fremont during the incident in question handcuffed a woman before keeping her detained over an accusation of her having stolen slot machine credits from a fellow female player on the night.

The NGCB says in its complaint that it takes particular issue with the actual way in which the woman accused of theft had been handled at the time of the arrest and detainment. The security officers had acted in a manner that was completely unreasonable given the particular set of circumstances at play, reads the report.

The casino now faces disciplinary action by the local gaming commission, which action may include the issuing of a fine, or worst-case scenario, the revocation of the Boyd Gaming-owned establishments licence to operate said casino.

An Unnecessary Escalation

The altercation between the two players had allegedly began as a mere dispute before it erupted into a full-blown accusation of theft.

Both women were on the night in question playing slots – which slot machines were apparently situated in close proximity to one another. One of the two woman at some point decided to cash out her winnings, after which she promptly accused the other of playing on her machine while running on $20 of the accuser’s gaming credits.

The aggrieved party then reportedly approached a security officer for help, after which the responding officer proceeded to approach the supposed wrong-doer from behind in order to handcuff her – which he then duly did.

But after investigating the surveillance footage taken of the incident, police officers ultimately found that there had not been any incident of theft as alleged, and that the casino’s version of the events alleged to have gone down on the evening in question, had been for the most part inaccurate.

Boyd Gaming has not yet commented on the incident.

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