Fascinating Facts About the Game of Bingo

By Ben Hamill - August 01 2018

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Bingo is as interesting to learn about as it is to play, thanks to its rich and colorful history. The game was traditionally played at land-based halls for decades, where it can still be enjoyed today. More modern variations include the many online and mobile bingo available for instant download, which offer real money prizes in a slick and convenient format.

For those who are curious about their favorite social gambling game, there are countless fascinating facts out there to learn. Here are some of the best ones, pertaining to land-based and online versions of the game alike!

Social Casinos Spur On Growth Of Real Money Games

Learning about Land-Based Bingo

  • Edwin S. Lowe is credited with the invention of bingo cards and the modern game itself. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, worked alongside University of Columbia Mathematics professor Carl Leffler to develop a card with at least 6,000 different variations of cards.
  • The cards were originally used in Germany during the 1800s as an educational tool. The cards were used to help school students learn their multiplication tables with ease.
  • It is rumored that Professor Carl Leffler went insane while developing the 6,000 different card combinations with non-repeating number groups required by Edwin Lowe.
  • Statistics have revealed that Northern Americans spend a whopping $90 million playing each week alone
  • There are around 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible number combinations in a single card – at least according to one regularly-cited calculation.

Bingo Cards

Facts about the Famed Game

  • The first predecessor to our modern games was believed to be the Italian lottery Lo Giuoco del Loto D’Italia, which dates back as far as 1530. This version is still being played in its founding region to this day.
  • The game was originally known as ‘Beano’ due to players’ habits of using beans to mark their places on their cards. The name was later changed to its current form when an excited winner accidentally yelled the latter word during a round.
  • According to common stats, around 96% of players have won a jackpot prize at least once.
  • Global statistics peg women as the majority of participants, outnumbering men 3 to 1.
  • Bingo has shown promise in improving cognitive function, memory and processing in clinical trials – even in elderly players.

Vintage Bingo

Google Wunderkind Exploring Social Gaming

Delving into Online Bingo

  • The earliest recorded online title was Bingo Zone, which hit the web in 1996. The second-oldest title was Bingo Blitz, which appeared two years later.
  • Online games use Random Number Generation algorithms to ensure random outcomes during each and every draw.
  • The largest ever single online jackpot ever to be won in Canada was valued at $250,002. This humongous win was struck in January this year.
  • Around 48% of players worldwide play their favorite game at least once a day or more, and a whopping 83% of all online players are women!