Fallsview Casino Jewelry Thief Charged

By Ben Hamill - November 10 2020

Fallsview Casino Jewelry Thief Charged

A 55-year-old Brampton resident and driving instructor by trade will not be permitted to visit Niagara Falls’ Fallsview Casino Resort or any of the other on-site stores and amenities for at least 16 months. Following a February 2020 incident that took place an on-site jewelry store, Fareed Khan has now pleaded guilty to charge of theft in an Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines.  

Khan, upon visiting the jewelry store located at the Fallsview Casino Resort at Niagara Falls early this year, had reportedly asked to take a closer look at some of the rings on display. However, the minute one of the store’s employees proceeded to unlock the display case in order to allow the customer a close-up look, Khan quickly snatched up a handful of rings before making a run for the exit. The rings stolen by the driving instructed reportedly amounted to at least CA$4,000 in retail value.

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Judge Says To Keep It Legal

In addition to the 16-month physical ban from the casino and hotel and on-site stores and amenities, Judge Deborah Calderwood handed down a four-month conditional suspended sentence. She noted at the time of her ruling that problem-gambling could not be cited since no submissions to the effect had been tabled during the court case, but that at the same time, it could not be ruled out either. This since the jewelry thief was soon after the incident caught with the rings still in his possession on the nearby casino floor.

 Judge Calderwood said that though she could not be sure what it was that had motivated Khan to attempt to steal the jewelry, it was important for the convicted thief to look for lawful alternative means in which to supplement his income. The owners of the jewelry store are exceptionally vulnerable because of the value of the items sold in their business, said Calderwood. She added that just like Khan was trying to earn a living, the owners of the jewelry store were trying to run a business in order for them too, to earn a living.

Not His First Offence

Khan’s lawyer pleaded before the court for leniency on behalf of his client, motivating his request by saying that money had been tight because of a dramatic decline in his client’s driving school business’s student numbers during the months leading up to the incident.

Fareed Khan has a previous conviction for a similar offence – also under $5,000. He during his testimony before the court neither confirmed nor denied an issue with problem gambling.

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