Entain Funds Research Into Ontario Gaming

By Ben Hamill - March 24 2021

Entain Funds Research Into Ontario Gaming

International sports betting and online gaming giant Entain, formerly GVC Holdings, widely regarded to be one of the biggest iGaming and sports wagering brands in the world, has reportedly taken a keen interest in Ontario’s gaming sector. And so much so, that it has announced launching a funding initiative in support of a local non-profit foundation to accumulate market-specific information about the Canadian province’s player-preferences and behaviours, as well as local gaming protocols and practises.

The Canadian government at the end of last year introduced a bill that will hopefully soon permit locals to wager on single sports betting events. Previously not available to Canadians due to match-fixing concerns, Bill C-218 will soon enable local sports enthusiasts to go to town on a variety of new sports betting opportunities.

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Entain Going Local

Instead of tasking its own in-house research facility with researching the local market, Entain has announced that it will be making use of the services of the Toronto-based Responsible Gambling Council, which is a locally driven non-profit organisation.

The foundation has built a solid and unbiased reputation as a leading responsible gambling beacon over the past few years and will now be assisting Entain as it reaches a decision about the extent of its intended involvement in a local Ontario gaming landscape.

The mandate handed down to the local service provider is to explore the local landscape ahead of the actual changes to legislation that are expected to come. Providing consumer insights is at the heart of the research, which will ultimately aid Entain in formulating a clear and proper vision and mission for Ontario.

The foundation’s research already indicates that most people are able to fully enjoy all that the world of sports betting entertainment has to offer without suffering any negative consequences or displaying any sort of problem and/or addictive behaviour.

Evidence-Based Research

According to the recent announcement made by Entain Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling, Martin Lycka, the company’s experience in several local North American markets over recent years is expected to serve it well – even from the very early stages of the analysis of research.

Lycka confirmed that the study will be conducted across a field of approximately 4,000 research participants over the age of majority. These individuals will all have an interest in online gaming and betting entertainment and will typically already enjoy placing a wager from time to time. This particular group, explained Lycka, is believed to be best equipped to provide accurate and comprehensive insight and evidence into the local gaming and sports betting sectors.

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