Disbanded BIA May Benefit Kingsway District

By Ben Hamill - June 02 2019

Disbanded BIA May Benefit Kingsway District

Administrative processes associated with the City of Sudbury’s BIA processes are slowing down the development of Kingsway Entertainment District. Residents have high hopes with regards to the Kingsway development, and there is much hanging in the balance in terms of the local economy. But due to delays caused by the improvements being sought by the BIA in terms of local businesses, Kingsway Entertainment District’s official opening may very well now be pushed back all the way towards and well into 2021. According to Sudbury City councillor Robert Kirwan, a plausible solution would be the complete and immediate disbanding of the BIA.

According to Councillor Kirwan, local businesses should be allowed to form their own associations at their own leisure and if and how they well please. In turn, the hastened opening of Kingsway Entertainment District will serve to add a great deal of value to local businesses in the area.

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Circumventing The LPAT

The actual issue at hand is the approval of the rezoning of the Kingsway Entertainment District, a process overseen by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). Sudbury City Council is now investigating the processes that would be involved in reaching out to the Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs instead, and this may very well speed up all of the steps involved in the re-zone procedure.

As it stands at the moment, a total of 12 appeals have been filed with regards to the re-zone process. The main concern is the fact that if the approvals are delayed further, Gateway Casinos may opt to scrap any further plans altogether. This would have a very detrimental effect on the community at large.

Total Abandon Now Feared

So frustrated has Gateway grown as a result of the delays, that the operator is now looking towards an alternative venue for a temporary development. Councillor Kirwan has voiced his concerns about the investments planned for the temporary development, saying that if enough has been ploughed into a new venue in terms of financial input, Gateway may decide to abandon the original Kingsway development altogether.

Businesses in support of the original Kingsway development have already made costly changes with regards to better aligning themselves to benefit from the project. All of that will have been for nought in the event of an overall termination.

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