Cascades Casino Chatham Boosts Business

By Ben Hamill - December 21 2019

Stories about how gaming operators and casinos have literally changed the financial fates of entire communities for the better are often found to be doing the rounds. The good news is however mostly delivered in drips and drabs, with improvements being noticeable but mostly so on a rather small scale.

But ever so often a massively grand tale of gigantic success comes a knocking, and this is exactly what has happened in Chatham. The Cascades Casino Chatham has brought about changes of magnificent proportions, benefiting local businesses to the point of super success. Just ask the owners of the local Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham.

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Massive Expansion Planned

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham has just confirmed that it will be adding as many as 48 new guest rooms to its existing accommodation forte. They have also confirmed that none other than Chatham’s new Cascades Casino Chatham has necessitated the expansion. More people than ever before are enquiring about available accommodation where they may lodge whilst enjoying their time away from home at the local gaming venue.

Boosting business operations is one of the top ways in which a casino is able to support its local community. And this is exactly what Cascades Casino Chatham has done for the owners and personnel of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham. Not only did the new casino ensure the creation of a brand new local job market, but it continues to support the local community by way of regular allocations as well as spin-off benefits being channelled to a variety of local business owners.

Quantifying Isn’t Easy

Dean Bradley, who is the President of Brad-Lea Meadows Ltd., legal parent entity of the local Holiday Inn, said during a recent Q&A that it isn’t always easy to quantify the exact measure of the business qualified by the new casino as those who stay over for a night or more aren’t always keen to divulge the reason behind their booking.

Bradley said that despite his optimism about the casino’s role in the recent business boost, only time will tell whether there is in fact a direct correlation between the casino’s grand opening and the sudden influx of new guests.

Bradley confirmed that the expansion project would involve a complete renovation of the existing 117 guest rooms as well as the construction of 48 brand new quarters. The new rooms will be added as a top floor to the existing Holiday Inn building.

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