Chances Mission To Become Playtime Casino

By Ben Hamill - December 03 2019

Gateway’s Chances Mission is being treated to a complete makeover. The leading casino operator has confirmed that the existing Chances Mission will not only undergo a complete facelift, but that it will also be treated to a new much bigger location so as to ensure the envisioned expansion in terms of not only a rebrand but also size.

And to top it all off, the venue will also be receiving a brand-new name. Chances Mission will in future be known as Playtime Casino Mission. The newly rebranded casino will remain of a medium size and the operator has confirmed that the idea is to keep it intimate and moreover, to include more family-friendly activities and offerings once it opens its doors to the general public.

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Inviting Community Input

Gateway recently hosted a special conversational evening on the topic of the changes it plans on incorporating at the new Playtime Casino Mission. The operator furthermore confirmed that it has set aside some CA$14 million in new investment funds that will be utilised to turn the new casino and entertainment venue into a world-class gaming space all in its own class.

The new venue may not span massive proportions in terms of actual square feet measurements, but it will be much larger and more extensive in terms of especially gaming floor space than what is the current Chances Mission venue. The bigger floor and increased sideline offerings will create hundreds of new jobs in the community, which is really good news to the ears of locals. The global job market is a volatile market wherever one goes, but thanks to Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, finding a job is about to come a great deal less daunting for those living in Mission and surrounds.

An Expanded New Home

Playtime Casino Mission will make its home at Wren Street and Lougheed Highway and will, as the name suggests, sport the Playtime brand. The mentioned brand is way more casual than some of Gateway’s other casino brand names and the venue has been allocated to this specific brand in order for it to be in line with current local community trends.

The new venue will be more than double the size of the old, spanning a total of 30,000 square feet. This is effectively a double up on the current venue and will mean that more players and visitors will be able to enjoy the games and family-friendly offerings that what has been possible at Chances Mission.

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