Chances Casino Kelowna Partly Reopens

By Ben Hamill - June 01 2021

Chances Casino Kelowna Partly Reopens

The provincial government of British Columbia has finally announced a potential reopening plan that will allow casinos and other gaming venues to potentially resume business on July 1st - this after more than a year of closures. And the management at B.C.’s Chances Casino Kelowna clearly could not be more excited about the prospect of a return to normal.

Already partially reopened, albeit only for indoor and patio dining, the venue’s owner, Stan Walt, has explained that the in-part opening was to allow staff to reconnect with their setting and responsibilities at work before the full-scale relaunch of business at the venue. During the weekend’s partial reopening, guests were offered kiosks with complimentary scratch-and-win tickets.

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Chances Ready To Comply

Walt also said the venue had undergone a massive renovation in its drive to fully comply with the new health and safety guidelines announced by provincial government.

Of the 348 slot machines previously on the floor at Chances Casino Kelowna, there now remain only 310. These have been rearranged in such a way across the 1,000 square feet of floor-space, that there is now more than sufficient space so as to allow physical distancing between guests and patrons.

Though Walt explained that he had managed to retain on board 15 members of supervising management, he hoped to see at least 60 per cent of his former staff profile return to their former positions once the venue reopens. He was however unsure about how many of his former workers had already secured alternative employment.

The next step ahead of a full-on reopening will be for staff to undergo in-depth training about the new health and safety protocols that will have to be followed so as to ensure a safe and responsible resumption of business and gaming activities at the popular venue.

No Work For 15 Months

Casinos and their employees have been buckling under the weight of province-wide closures since March last year.

The many difficulties associated with a lack of gainful employment were the topic of a heartfelt video released a number of weeks ago by staff of New Westminster Starlight Casino. In the video, titled “Don’t Forget About Casino Workers”, two single mothers reveal their experience with being left without an income for over a year.

Meanwhile in View Royal, Mayor David Screech has opened up about the disastrous effect that casino closures have had on the region. According to Screech, the ongoing closures have cost the region at least CA$2 million in losses from gaming revenue.

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