CGA Back Ontario iGaming Overhaul

By Ben Hamill - November 11 2020

CGA Back Ontario iGaming Overhaul

Ontario provincial government’s forging ahead with the legalisation of a privatised online gaming sector in the province has been hailed commendable by the Canadian Gaming Association. The organisation has said that government has a crucial regulatory role to play in terms of overseeing iGaming at provincial level.

Not only will government’s regulatory involvement through agencies such as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario prove significant in the establishment of an industry standard and a level and equal playing field, but this will also help create an online player environment that is both safe and secure, said the CGA.

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iGaming Sector To Boost Economy

The organisation also said that it anticipates the combination of a local provincial skilled workforce, new and exciting investments in technology, and vibrant online gaming communities, to emerge an important drawcard and catalyst for encouraging international operators and service providers to invest locally.

The economy too, stands to benefit, said the CGA. More investments in local human resources and technology will necessary create a valuable new income stream as well as tax revenue and employment opportunities. Since iGaming has in fact been gaining acceptance as well as picking up momentum in terms of support and push for regulation, added the organisation, local government regulation can be expected to bring about much-needed economic stimulation and recovery in the province.

As highlighted by CGA President and Chief Executive Paul Burns, owing to the economically crippling effects of the global health crisis, Ontario as a province needs all the help it can get from an investments and licensing and taxation point of view. Offshore online operators qualifying to offer their games in Ontario can be expected to play a significant role in boosting economic recovery efforts at provincial level, said Burns.

Likely Next Steps

The legislation that would see a privatised iGaming industry come into being in Ontario is currently before government as part of Ontario’s 2020 Budget – Protect, Support, Recover.  If successfully passed and rubberstamped by Senate, the legislation will award the authority to manage the interaction between provincial government and private-sector online gaming operators and providers to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

The legislation will next be read before the country’s Justice committee for the vote – before being passed on to Senate. Important to note too is that should the legislation be passed by government; it will effectively also put an end to the monopoly of the local gaming industry currently enjoyed by Crown corporation the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

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