Casinos Anxious To Reopen Despite Protests

By Ben Hamill - June 03 2020

Casinos Anxious To Reopen Despite Protests

As the casinos of Las Vegas and Reno prepare for a desperately needed reopening of the gambling industry on June 4, many now fear the possibility of a protracted financial nightmare caused by the presence of a heavily armed National Guard in the streets of Nevada. What with the U.S. caught in the relentless grip of hostile protests caused by the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the gambling industry may have to wait even longer still for its long-anticipated return to normality.

The ongoing socio-economic pressure caused by a global health crisis this week acted like fuel to a fire – a fire that saw various stores, banks and police precincts mass-attacked and set on fire by angry protestors. And with a Nevada critically desperate to save what can be salvaged after months of downtime, protestors running amok in the Silver State’s streets may very well prove to become bullet to the industry’s hope of survival. 

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Reno At A Boiling Point

Reno was particularly hard-hit by the national outrage. As Reno’s City Hall and police precinct were made to bear the brunt of the protestors’ outrage and absolute fury, this is the area the presence National Guard can be most heavily experienced. The presence of the Guard hasn’t exactly completely restored order and the fear is now that armed guards roaming the streets of Reno aren’t walking invitationals to gamble and have a good time.

A further challenge to be navigated by gambling hopefuls is the implementation of curfews in an attempt to stop the violent protests from getting out of hand at all hours of the day and night. If these were to prevail, even more financial difficulty will soon become a stark and unforgiving reality in Reno and Las Vegas.

Vegas Not As Bad As Reno

Even so, the situation in downtown Vegas isn’t nearly as volatile as that prevailing in other parts of the state, including Reno. Only minor protests could be seen in Sin City’s streets this week, which hopefully implies good things to come for the casino industry at a large.

The hope is that the protests will have calmed down state-wide by Thursday June 4th, which is the date on which casinos are expected to re-open all across the gambling state. The state is one of the hardest hit of all by the nation-wide closures of business since mid-March and the crisis has had a devastating effect on the lives of many.

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