Casinos Sarnia Expected To Open In January

By Ben Hamill - November 19 2019

Casinos Sarnia Expected To Open In January

Truly exciting times are headed in the direction of the residents of Ontario, and more specifically, for the quaint pleasure of horseracing enthusiasts who regularly enjoy a day at the races at Gateway’s Hiawatha Horse Park and Entertainment Centre. And if you’re wondering what we’re on about, then we’re happy to reveal that the operator has confirmed that its completely redeveloped Gateway Casinos Sarnia may well be in a position to open its doors to the general public by as early as this coming January.

The racetrack did previously sport slots adjacent to where the races took place, but it was nothing compared to the 150 brand new slots selection being installed at the gaming venue as we speak. Variety is the name of the game and players will soon be able to indulge in all of the slots that their hearts could possibly desire.

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More Than Just Slots

But this won’t be a case of merely throwing together a collection of slots on a gaming floor and letting players have at it at their leisure. Its going to be a classy affair if the initial teaser information is anything to go by.

Not only will the revamped venue become the home to 150 top slot titles, but it will also feature a state-of-the-art Express Bar tasked with providing players and visitors with everything from premium coffee to delicious cocktails. And perhaps the best news of all is that once the venue is up and running, some 60 additional members of staff will ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. This obviously means wonderful employment opportunities for local residents. Gateway is already as it stands one of the country’s largest employers of skilled as well as semi-skilled workers today.

Benefits All Round

Not only will the local employment market be stimulated by the new venue, but the local construction and labour force is currently been utilised to its maximum potential. The unofficial price tag associated with the redevelopment is a stunning CA$2.9 million. This sum of capital expenditure will without a doubt serve the purpose of supporting the local manual labour force in a major big way.

That’s not even mentioning future community allocations yet. The newly-revamped slots venue will necessitate regular monetary allocations to the local municipality in the region, which will in turn benefit residents who call Ontario home in even more wonderful ways than creating top-notch employment for many.

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