Safety 1st As Casino Rama Prepares To Reopen

By Ben Hamill - May 21 2020

Safety 1st As Casino Rama Prepares To Reopen

Gateway’s Casino Rama Resort is in the process of preparing to reopen its doors to its players, the operator’s Rob Mitchell has said. Mitchell is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. And since public health and safety are of tantamount importance right now, Mitchell has confirmed Gateway to be in a current process of consultation with the provincial government of Ontario regarding the best way forward so as to ensure that all public health guidelines and regulations are adhered to.

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Casino Rama Resort is but one of the casinos and gaming venues scattered across the province, and even the entire country, that has been closed since around the middle of March. And now that its clear that casino management teams are preparing how to best approach a safe and government-compliant relaunch of business activities, players are hopeful that the preparatory process may be indicative of better days to come being just around the corner.

Fore-Armed And Prepared

Casino Rama Resort is the largest tribal casino resort in Ontario. Operated and managed by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the casino was one of the last to close its doors amid a global health dilemma, having first experimented with several sanitation processes and public hygiene approaches in an attempt to not have to halt all business. These processes however came to nought when government made the call to temporary close all businesses relying on large numbers of people gathering.

The public hygiene experiments carried out pre-closure will now prove a boon to the casino’s ability to resume business in a safe and responsible way as well as possibly showing other casinos and businesses in general how to best approach the various processes.

A Show Of Worker-Loyalty

Mitchell was at the time of publication not willing to elaborate too much on the specific approach the operator plans on implementing once the casino is ready to welcome its players through its doors once more, but did say that part of the process is a daily deep-clean of all surfaces, including table games and slot machines.

Casino Rama’s employees remain, for the moment, at home. The operator announced in early April that all temporary layoff benefits would be covered by Gateway until the end of June this year. This represents a willingness to go above and beyond as well as a certain respect for its workers on the part of operator.

Operators are only legally obliged to cover layoff benefits for a period of 6 weeks following temporary layoff processes first having been commenced. Had Gateway not been willing to go the extra mile for its workers, the aforementioned benefits would have lapsed on April 30th.

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