Gateway’s Casino Rama Job-Cuts Revisited

By Ben Hamill - August 06 2019

Gateways Casino Rama Job-Cuts Revisited

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment isn’t exactly topping the popularity charts following the announcement re numerous lay-offs; as many as 70 in total; at its Casino Rama Resort. The Innisfil-based casino and entertainment resort venue offers a large variety of activities and entertainment and doesn’t limit its offerings to gambling games only. Regular live music shows and family-friendly entertainment is part of the deal too, making it even more difficult to try and get one’s head around the supposed necessity to cut more staff members from the Orillia payroll. Local unions are refusing to give up and lay low and have cornered everyone involved into extended public conversations regarding the issues at hand, with various meetings as well as a peaceful public protest scheduled for early this month.

Unifor, Canada’s largest gaming sector labour union isn’t at all convinced that the operator has done everything in its power to find alternative solutions. Unifor has since the initial announcement lashed out at the operator as well as at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, for the hand that it has had in the entire business. Unifor has on various occasions in the past expressed its utter dissatisfaction at the OLG and its 2018 decision to grant full control of its games bundle to Gateway Casinos & Entertainment.

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Orillia Won’t Absorb Lay-Offs

Unifor continues to push hard for alternative solutions and probably for good reason too. Major lay-offs always have far-reaching consequences, and this will be especially true in the region of Orillia, says Dean Beers, who is the President of the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce. The region simply isn’t equipped to absorb the number of lay-offs envisioned by the operator.

Gateway’s response has mainly been one of straddling the proverbial fence. The operator claims that the decision with regards to the lay-offs was by no means a casual or impromptu one. Gateway continues to stick to its original story; being that the lay-offs are unavoidable if the operator has any hope of increasing its own operational efficiency.

Not Our Fault, Says Gateway

Gateway now appears to want to hide behind the cushy excuse of it too being a victim of sorts, what with dining outlets no longer being permitted to remain open for as many hours as was the case in the past, necessary upgrades having to be made to out dated technology, etc.

Unifor has in the meantime stated in no uncertain terms that the Casino Rama battle is far from over.

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