Casino Rama Implements Covid-19 Safety Measures

By Ben Hamill - March 08 2020

Casino Rama Implements Covid-19 Safety Measures

The new novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is running circles around containment attempts. But the fact that attempts to stop the spread of the virus have without a doubt put a bit of a lid on the capacity of the virus to spread necessitates intense containment efforts by more individuals and corporations. The virus typically does its thing wherever folks get together in large numbers, making the world’s casinos especially susceptible. But thanks to forward-thinking venues like the Ontario’s Casino Rama Resort, the virus won’t be as likely to spread than what would have been the case had management not decided to implement a stepped-up approach to general hygiene and disinfection.

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The Casino Rama Resort is the largest casino and entertainment resort in Ontario and as such, the burden of responsibility is a rather large one. If the virus is going to be stopped dead in its tracks at all in the near future, then concerted efforts such as the approach adopted by the casino’s management are a non-negotiable.

Gateway Says Time To Act Is Now

According to Rob Mitchell, who is a spokesperson for Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the time to act is now and not later. Individuals all over the province are concerned about health issues related to the possibility of contracting the virus and as such, there’s no time like the present to ensure a safe and infection-free environment for all.

Slot machines, games tables and all other surfaces are being deep-cleaned and disinfected every day. Players also now have access to a large number of sanitation stations strategically placed all over the venue so as to ensure ease of access. What’s more, instead of surfaces now being cleaned by trained staff once or twice a day only, various cleaning sessions are being conducted all throughout the venue’s business hours, whether night or day.

The Industry Is Hard Hit

The casino industry has been hard hit by the spread of the Coronavirus. Asian gambling capital Macau, for example, earlier on this year had no other option but to order all casinos closed for business for a period of 2 weeks. And even though operators were permitted to resume trade after the lapse of the 2-week period on February 20, only selected tables and machines have been reopened for play.

Operators have suffered major damages because of this. Affected operators experiencing a slump because of fears of cross-infection in Macau include Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts.

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