Casino Rama’s Sights Set On August Reopening - September 2021

By Ben Hamill - May 28 2021

Casino Rama’s Sights Set On August Reopening

The race for rolling out vaccines remains on as part of the provincial government of Ontario’s economic recovery plan. The recent announcement of local government’s plan for economic recovery has ignited new hope for the management of Ontario’s Casino Rama. The gambling venue now eyes August as a potential earmark for finally re-opening its premium gaming offerings to local players.

Operated by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, the popular gaming venue has remained shuttered since over a year ago when the global health crisis first spiralled out of control. A successful reopening in a few months from now depends on how quickly vaccines are rolled out to Ontario residents.

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Reopening Will Depend On Gov

According to Gateway Casinos spokesperson Rob Mitchell, an August reopening will all depend on government fulfilling its plan for the 3rd and final economic recovery stage. Once stage 3 has been reached, government hopes to be in a position to have vaccinated between 70 and 80% of Ontario’s adult population with at least the first of a total of two doses.

In the event government can maintain its current vaccination momentum, explained Mitchell, it will be more than possible for the popular gaming venue to reopen its doors by August. He however stressed that there remain several uncertainties in the mix. The global health crisis has shown itself to be a precariously volatile situation, leaving new obstacles in the process of rolling out vaccines very much in a tipping scale of possibilities and timelines, explained Mitchell.

Mitchell did however add that he remains optimistic, albeit cautiously, that Ontario’s economic reopening process can indeed be executed as planned, meaning a successful relaunch of Casino Rama by as early as August this year.

Gateway Biding The Time

It was exactly this volatile nature of the crisis that led to a thwarted reopening of Casino Rama back in November last year. Initially planned to reopen towards the end of 2020, Gateway ultimately had to announce a postponement to a later, unspecified date.

The venue has in the meantime undergone several re-arrangements during its period of temporary closure. Since Gateway had to ensure proper physical distancing so as to comply with local health and safety regulations, a total of 400 slot machines and as many has 20 table games have had to be removed from the premises.

Gateway however recently announced that in making the best of a challenging situation, it will now replace a number of the removed slot machines with newer and more modern games in anticipation of a successful August reopening. 

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