Casino at Sea

By Ben Hamill - August 24 2015

Casino at Sea

Casino aficionados who are looking for something a little more exciting than the standard casino fare can join a casino cruise where the focus is on the beauty and excitement of a cruise along which combines with gambling entertainment. The Norwegian Cruise line offers casino cruises which give gamblers a venue with no outside distractions where they can enjoy their casino entertainment in a luxurious environment.

Cruise passengers enjoy the same high quality cuisine, the same shipboard activities and the same ports of call that other cruises provide, but the focus of these cruises is on gaming. Canadians can board a Norwegian Casino Cruise in Quebec City or in Vancouver and set out on the trip of a lifetime.

What you Will Find

The Norwegian Cruise Line has a wide range of experience in providing gamers with the kind of cruise that meets their needs and expectations. The casino cruise offers all of the same kind of nonstop action and instant rewards that can be found in a land-based casino, but with the addition of participating while on board a luxury liner. Couples know that they can take the cruise and split up, with the casino enthusiast spending time in the casino while the non-playing partner enjoys other shipboard activities. And everyone gets off together at the ports of call to see the world.

Slots Options

The Casino Cruise offers a wide range of casino games that rival anything that can be found in any of the Canadian land-based casinos.

The casino features thousands of slots — over 2800 to be exact — which propel electronic gaming to a new level. These games are suitable to high stakes and low stakes players alike and include denominations which range from penny slots to bets of $100 and more. The slots feature innovative themes as well as multi-denominational and multi-game options. Many of the slots are typical luck-based games but there are also slot machines in which some skill is required to win payouts.

There are reel and video slots onboard as well as hybrids and video poker machines. Reel machines consist of spinning reels and fixed symbols that form completed combinations and pay out wins. Some of the most popular reel-based slots on a Norwegian Casino cruise include the “Gold,” “Double Diamond,” and “Wheel of Fortune” slot machines.


For a more intensive slots experience, the video slots create slot machine entertainment on a video screen. Bonus rounds offer additional payouts via the bonus screens. Some of the video slots options on the casino cruise include “Quick Hit Triple Blazing 7's”, “China Shores” and “Carnival in Rio.”


You can combine the video and reel technologies into a hybrid slot machine where you’ll experience a semi transparent LCD screen which lays over real reels. The video screen and mechanical devices offer a bonus feature whenever you hit a bonus combination for the chance to win extra credits. Some of the hybrid slots featured onboard include “I ♥ Diamonds”, “King 7” and “Goldfish” slots.

Additional Game Options

There are other game options to keep you entertained throughout the journey. You can play any of the video poker options in which you combine your luck with your gaming skills. You have to carefully consider each hand before you decide how to proceed and those decisions are based on intuition and experience. Some of the video poker variations that you can enjoy during your cruise include “Jacks or Better”, Double Double Bonus Poker”, “Spin Poker”, “Ultimate X Poker”, #3 x 5 x 10 Play Poker”, and other Game King Poker rounds.

Table games are, perhaps, the most alluring part of a casino visit and the casino cruises have multiple parlour game options. Some of the games are available on all ships while others are limited to specific cruises.

Every ship features the world’s most popular casino game, blackjack, in which you draw cards and try to come as close to a hand of 21 without exceeding that value. One cruise line blackjack favourite is the Lucky Ladies variation with side bets of $1 to $10 — if your first 2 cards total 20 you win the side bet at a 4 to 1 payout, and if the dealer draws a Blackjack and you have a pair Queens the side bet pays 1000 to 1, with a maximum payout of $5,000. Lucky Ladies is a blackjack variation that is available on all cruises.

There’s also a Wheel of Madness option which is a bonus wheel on the Blackjack table, Wheel of Madness pays out a special bonus if the player is dealt a natural Blackjack on the opening deal. You can add $1 to $10 for the side bet and if you receive a natural Blackjack you spin the Wheel of Madness and multiply your side bet by the number on which the wheel stops to determine your bonus win.

In addition to craps you can also play Roulette, Let it Ride Poker, Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and many other game selections.

Casino Cruise Players Club

The casino cruises offer multiple Players Club promotions to welcome gamers into the spirit of casino entertainment during their cruise.

Beginners start out with no minimum point requirement but can start building up their points from the moment that they start to play. The next level is the medium level for gamers who earn 5,000 Reward Points in a calendar year. The Golden Reward points is for players who accrue 15,000 Reward points throughout the calendar year and the VIP level is reserved for players who earn 35,000 Reward Points during a calendar year.

Reward points bring you extra perks and privileges including specialty restaurant meals, spa treatments and shore excursions, all paid for by the cruise line. You can also redeem your Players Club Reward Points for exclusive benefits which include free play and discounts on future cruises. The more you play, the more rewards you accumulate.