Cascades Casino Cladding Up For Winter

By Ben Hamill - November 24 2020

Cascades Casino Cladding Up For Winter

Though present challenges are making it difficult to wager an accurate prediction regarding when construction can be expected to resume at Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s North Bay Cascades Casino, the operator giant has stressed that it has no plans of calling a halt to the $31 million development.

Locals recently noticed movement in the vicinity of the site where the new Cascades Casino North Bay is in the process of being erected and developed. However, according to Rob Mitchell, Director Communications at Gateway, what locals are witnessing isn’t a resumption of construction, but instead, the addition of cladding intended to protect the structure against the elements of the coming Canadian winter.

The outside cladding currently being applied to the structure will help protect it from wind, rain, snow, and below-zero temperatures – all of which can cause potential damage to an unfinished building or structure, said Mitchell.

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Opening Date Not Yet Set

Though the initial expectation was that the massive $31 million new casino development would be completed sometime later this year, this expectation has already had to be adjusted several times throughout the past year. No construction has been able to take place for more than 8 months now.

The operator has however been adamant about the fact that there are currently no plans in pipeline to abandon the project because of time-delay challenges. It is important to remember that the challenges associated with months-long closures and restrictions on freedom of movement, etc., have and are all affecting things like planning, timing, and even project-design, said Gateway earlier this month.   

The focus at this particular point in time, said Mitchell, is the reopening of the operator’s existing casinos across the province of Ontario, so as to ensure that the greater ball of business keeps rolling.

The Final Product

Once complete, Cascades Casino North Bay will span roughly 14,000 square feet of premium gaming space – including more than 300 slot machines and approximately 10 casino table games.

Also present on the seven-acre portion of land near Pinewood Park Drive and Highway 11, will be a brand-new MATCH sports bar, and a restaurant called The Buffet.

Perhaps most significant of all is the role the new development will play in the lives of locals once its operations are in full swing. At nearly 300 people about to be employed by Cascades Casino North Bay and its various on-site, gaming, as well as family-friendly amenities, Gateway will continue to employ Canadians and provide a livelihood to members of the surrounding communities.

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