Cascades Casino North Bay Building Resumes

By Ben Hamill - April 08 2021

Cascades Casino North Bay Building Resumes

Canadian operator giant Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has released a new update regarding the construction and development of its new Cascades Casino North Bay venue. The building of the casino is on schedule and on track and will according to the operator, be completed according to the original plan.

Since the effects of the global health crisis remain ongoing, creating an unprecedented situation around the opening timeline, Gateway has however not been in a position to confirm when the new Cascades Casino North Bay is expected to welcome the first visitors through its doors. Though casinos were recently permitted to reopen by the Ontario government, many industries, including the casino industry, have since been re-suspended. As such, there is currently no certainty over when the latest addition to Gateway’s casino portfolio will be issued with the opening green light by provincial government.

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Construction Once Again Underway

Gateway’s Cascades Casino North Bay construction team resumed its activities on April 5, and according to Gateway Director of Communications Rob Mitchell, the operator’s latest big Ontario-based project will be completed by date of deadline.

Mitchell also revealed several details regarding the general development and layout, saying the new casino complex will have a similar layout and finishing to that of the Cascades Casino in Chatham. This applies to the interior as well as the exterior, Mitchell said. Gateway’s Cascades Casino in Chatham is a beautiful and successful venue, and the hope is that the latest new project will emulate that enormous success and beautiful look and feel, explained the director.

Envisioning Opening Day

In addition to the actual casino floor, the property will also become the home to several popular food-and-beverage amenities and eateries. Included in the Cascades Casino North Bay-experience will be a Match Eatery and Public House, and The Buffet.

Once open, the venue will most likely have to comply with the 50-person occupancy limit, along with any other health and safety protocols relevant on date of opening. The operator is ready to implement any safeguards necessary so as to comply with provincial regulations and for keeping its employees and guests safe at all times.

Less positive news is that Gateway has had to lay off several of its staff employed at its Chances Casino Kamloops-based indoor diner Barside Lounge. Although the popular eatery reopened along with other local restaurants last summer, local restrictions have now created a situation of re-shuttering. Current closures are expected to last until April 19.

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