Cascades Casino North Bay Braces For Winter

By Ben Hamill - October 24 2019

If Cascades Casino North Bay seems to be enjoying a great deal of valuable casino news airtime, then it’s for good reason. Once complete and open to the public; which will according to current projections be somewhere in the vicinity of May next year; the venue will offer to visitors and patrons everything from a premium gaming experience to a large and impressive selection of family-friendly entertainment and culinary options.

The CA$31 million-development has been causing quite the up-stir ever since it was announced that Gateway had a casino in the pipeline for the North Bay area. Everything from its actual location right down to the possible slow of traffic-flow anticipated for a nearby junction seemed at once stage to be a problem capable of tripping up the entire development process. Thankfully, this wasn’t part of the eventual outcome, and North Bay residents will soon be able to share in their slice of the casino and entertainment pie too.

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Meeting Deadlines

But getting back to the deadline and projected date for completion, the latest challenge in need of practical solutions appears to be the weather. With winter fast approaching, and everyone’s future favourite casino and entertainment venue being but a foundation high, more than just a couple of creative solutions are called for so as to ensure that workers are able to continue with the construction process between now and May.

The number one solution appears to be that of completing and enclosing the basic outer shell of the casino before the worst of the winter months hit. According to construction spokesperson Rob Mitchell, enclosing the casino once its foundation and basic outer-wall structure are complete, will ensure that workers are protected from the elements and are able to put the finishing touches to the interior of the casino so as to still be on time for the grand opening in May 2020.

Worth The Wait

The interior is expected to follow the same colour scheme and basic layout as that of Chatham. And when talking the actual casino entertainment value, no stone is being left unturned. The 39,000 square-feet casino floor will eventually become the home of a 300-strong selection of top quality slots as well as 8 live casino table games.

The family-friendly entertainment will include everything from shopping stores to eateries. Whether or not the May-deadline is met down to the last day and whether or not winter manages to insert a stopper in the general flow of proceedings, one thing is for sure; once complete, Cascades Casino North Bay will be a right sight for sore eyes.

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