Canadian Casinos Greener Than Expected

By Ben Hamill - May 04 2019

Canada’s Online Casinos Are Greener Than Most

Going green is a recurring global theme, and in recent years, one that appears to be progressively and more frequently occupying a front-row seat in many Canadian provinces. The worldwide casino industry is; and this is sad to say; not exactly a poster-child for green and environmentally responsible trade. But surprisingly enough, Canadian casinos are more and more moving into a go-green direction.

The truth is: casinos are basically bright lights and copious volumes of electricity being pumped through the veins of a billion-dollar industry. It’s a royal money-maker and, in order to be completely fair, an industry that does more for charity, job creation and general humanitarian relief than almost any other micro-economy. And so, when talking casinos and the gaming industry, the general inclination is to turn a blind eye when it comes to pointing a finger at the “abusers of the grid”.

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Hats Off To An OLG Initiative

But the fact remains: in order to make a real difference, each and every industry has to take up a measure of earth-responsibility. And yes, Canada’s casinos are starting to do just that. It all started about 4 years ago when in 2015, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG), made the call to partner with Bullfrog Power in an attempt to severely curb its usage of energy resources. To this end, Bullfrog Power was mandated to run some of the OLG’s online gaming sites.

The idea was to convert its online operations to make use exclusively of what is commonly known as pollution-free or “clean” energy. And green energy wasn’t the lot of it either because the OLG and Bullfrog Power had earlier on already spearheaded a project that eventually saw 40 million sheets of paper saved. This special feat was achieved by simply reducing the size of the OLG’s printed Lottery tickets.

The two gaming sites ordained to benefit from the new go-green online games initiative were Know Your Limit and PlayOLG.

The Online Green-Reach Is Extensive

A single pair of green gaming sites may not seem like much but one has to take a look at the bigger picture in order to understand the scope of the impact. Land-based resorts will always have a place in the Canadian entertainment and games market, but the industry is absolutely hinged on online casinos. An estimated 80% of the collective gambling energy footprint is the doing of Canada’s online operators.

When considering the facts in perspective, the margins immediately shift. Two major online sites going completely green suddenly seems a great deal more remarkable; even industry-defying; than without the benefit of considering the bigger picture.

And then of course there’s the matter of setting an example. The hope is that more online operators will soon follow suit.

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