Retirement Incentives At Caesars Windsor

By Ben Hamill - March 01 2021

Retirement Incentives At Caesars Windsor

While workers at Caesars Windsor Casino have not yet been able to return to their place of employment due to health and safety restrictions, they’ve at least in the meantime heard of improvements to their early retirement bonus incentives. The popular venue will be awarding its staff even despite the precarious financial situation created by the global health crisis.

Even though Ontario’s provincial government has issued the thumbs-up for the reopening of some businesses in the region, the casino industry has not yet received the green light. Caesars Windsor has been closed ever since the beginning of last year, only opening for a brief period between September and November 30.

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Age And Term Qualifying Factors

Following reportedly successful discussions and wage-negotiations between the casino and labour union Unifor Local 444, workers now get to opt in on better retirement benefits – including the possibility of earlier retirement than what would have been the case before.

There are currently a total of three options available in terms of retirement, all of which are based on the number of years worked for the establishment, and the age of the employee. Anyone 60 years or older can now choose to retire for a maximum incentive equal to CA$3,000. The new agreement only applies to permanent and fixed-term workers, with casual staff not included.

Said gambling enterprise spokesperson Scott Jenkins in an email commentary, Caesars Casino Windsor is known for its considerate staff programs, and for constantly being on the look-out for new ways in which employees and their general well-being may be positively affected. The bonus early retirement incentives program, explained Jenkins, had been the result of many positive and constructive negotiations with the labour union over the future of staff employed over the long term.

Casino Rama Remains Closed

Another Ontario-based casino eagerly awaiting the re-opening greenlight is Gateway’s Casino Rama.

Gateway recently embarked on a major makeover of the casino gaming floor, with the process including the removal of several slot machines and table games. Union Unifor Local 1090 has however assured its members that there will be no staff reductions taking place resulting from the revamp. All 1050 Unifor unionized members of staff are expected to remain on Gateway’s Casino Rama’s payroll.

There’s currently no telling when the gaming venues of Ontario will deem it practical to reopen their doors to the gambling public. Currently, those who wish to open may do so, but at a severely limited capacity of only 10 patrons being permitted inside a venue at any given time.

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