Caesars Entertainment Donates $1M To NCRG

By Ben Hamill - September 19 2019

Caesars Entertainment Donates $1M To NCRG

Casino and entertainment group Caesars Entertainment is celebrating 30 years of unwavering commitment to responsible gambling and the protection of the under-aged. As part of the special milestone celebration, Caesars has donated $1 million to the National Centre for Responsible Gaming (NCRG). The donation and celebrations also happen to coincide with Responsible Gaming Education Week, which is commemorated annually in Las Vegas.

Over the course of the past 30 or so years Caesars Entertainment has successfully trained more than 4,000 skilled responsible gaming advocate-ambassadors. The group was one of the first casino entities to action responsible gambling ventures and has long been committed to the worthy cause.

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Research To Benefit From Money

The NCRG has since confirmed that the lion’s share of the donation received from the casino giant will be allocated towards its newly launched research fund. The fund was only recently established and as a result of the legalisation of betting on sports in the US.

The scrapping of PASPA by a US Supreme Court has effectively changed the entire dynamic of the gambling and betting landscape in the US and this has necessitated fresh new research to be conducted around various topics.

This year’s Responsible Gaming Education Week is expected to highlight some of the positive changes that have flooded the industry since the federal ban on betting was lifted. A new wave of awareness regarding problem gambling has been flooding the market during recent times. Public conversations staged around important issues like problem gambling and under-age gambling have served the industry well.

Caesars Launched The 1st Program

Caesars is fully committed to the cause, as evidenced by the group having practically pioneered the very first responsible gambling program. The entertainment group 30 years ago launched a special initiative with the purpose of “serving our guests who are no longer able to play for fun”.

The funds donated to the NCRG are regarded as critical in the fight against problem gambling. The group was founded in 1996 and under the umbrella and control of the American Gaming Association. A non-profit organisation, the NCRG relies heavily on donations made by casinos, hardware vendors, casino games developers and other relevant parties, and the goal of the organisation is, by means of effective research, develop effective ways of assisting those prone to the dangers of pathological gambling.

The research division of the NCRG is dependent solely on financial donations received from casino operators. Without funding the likes of which has been donated by Caesars, the organisation would very soon have to close its doors.

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