Millions Lost Due To Caesars Windsor Closure

By Ben Hamill - July 08 2020

Millions Lost Due To Caesars Windsor Closure

Caesars Windsor’s inability to trade for what is quickly approaching the 5-month mark could leave a hole the size of at least CA$36.6 million in the local City Council’s annual budget for the current year. This according to the initial information released by city officials in view of a complete report scheduled for release on July 13.

But the local casino industry is obviously not the only sector that’s been forced into financial peril by the rules of physical distancing. Caesars Windsor, Enwin Utilities, the Detroit-Windsor tunnel, and Windsor International Airport are just some of the locations and providers that have had to temporarily shut their doors to the public. Needless to say, this has (and is still having) an enormous impact on the local economy.

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Recovery Won’t Be Immediate

Once casinos do receive the green light to reopen, strict health regulations and physical distancing guidelines will have to be followed so as to ensure the safety of employees and guests. Occupancy numbers will be affected too, which could further harm the industry and economy. Since casinos won’t be functioning at full capacity for is expected to be quite some time yet, the current challenges will have to be navigated for many more months, even years, to come.

Not only is Caesars Windsor a key contributor toward local city council coffers, community projects and charity organisations and causes, but the company is also a significant employer in the region. Caesars Windsor, being Canada’s largest casino resort, employs thousands of people. The operator is a major Canadian employer and relied on by many for their basic needs and livelihoods.

With no revenue flowing into the company, it will soon become impossible for the operator to even as much as survive, let alone avoid massive layoffs.

Uncertain Times Prevail

Ontario has in the meantime not yet provided any indication of a possible reopening date applicable to local casinos and gaming halls. All gaming halls and land-based casinos are expected to be allowed to reopen once the province enters into the third stage of its economic reopening process.

Detroit casinos are every bit as eager as Caesars Windsor to resume business activities. MGM’s Grand Detroit Casino has confirmed itself ready to safe to reopen after management implemented several health-and-safety protocols for the purpose of keeping staff and visitors safe and physically distanced.

Windsor’s economy is desperate for financial relief, and so is Caesars Windsor as it heads into a largely unpredictable future.

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