Caesars Partners With UNLV To Create Edu-Hub

By Ben Hamill - May 10 2019

Caesars And UNLV Launches Casino Education Hub

Some would say that it’s been coming for quite some time: casinos catching up with the times in terms of new technological advances. And it now seems as if casino giant Caesars Entertainment has answered to the call. The entertainment group has announced that it is joining forces with the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) and establishing a true hub for casino innovation on the southwest Las Vegas campus: the Black Fire Innovation Casino.

This will however be no ordinary casino; it will be a mock entertainment, hospitality and casino venue that will span 43,000 feet. The floor and surrounds will form part of the university’s Harry Reid Research and Technology Park, and will contain a casino, a virtual reality space, an eSports arena, a bookmaker and even a couple of mock hotel rooms.

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Casino-Tech Will Be The Focus

The aim of the mock casino resort will be to teach new advances and introduce cutting-edge technology that will hopefully serve the industry by teaching new ways in which casinos and their affiliated entertainment and accommodation industries can become more effective and in keeping with modern-day times.

The main focus, says Caesars, will be modern-day gaming technology. An exciting element of the development is that the casino will be developed as a visionary project that will showcase what the casino of the future will in all likelihood look like. New functions and elements will be constantly tested in order to examine how these may be applied in the casinos of the future.

In essence, students will be provided with a space where they can test new ideas and even create prototypes. One of the important elements associated with the casino will be that it will create a setting where students will be able to collaborate with existing casino and technology companies in order to get a feel for where the industry is currently at, and the steps that are necessary to bring casinos in line with the future of world-technology.

A First For Education

According to a statement issued by the president of the UNLV, Marta Meana, the university is excited about the promise of becoming a casino research market leader, thanks to the partnership with Caesars and the casino entertainment industry as a whole.

Meana also said that students would be offered the opportunity to have unlimited and personal access to industry experts; which is something that no other department can really lay claim to.

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