Cache Creek Casino Shuttered By Cyber Attack

By Ben Hamill - October 05 2020

Cache Creek Casino Shuttered By Cyber Attack

A casino owned and run by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Native American Nation has confirmed having fallen victim to a cyber-attack. As a result of the attack, Northern’ California’s Cache Creek Casino Resort was reportedly forced to temporarily shut down all operations as from September 20.

The casino originally identified a failure of systems infrastructure as the reason for the shuttering, but later on informed guests that the casino had fallen victim of a full-on “outside” attack launched on its computers and computer systems.

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Inquiry Causes Temp Closure

Management has in the meantime announced having entered into close cooperation with independent cyber security experts so as to determine any remaining as well as resulting risks to the security of internal data. The operator explains via an update published on the casino’s website, that it regards onslaughts such as this one in a significant light, and as such, may require weeks for the purpose of carrying out the necessary research and investigation.

The operator furthermore confirmed that in the event that its investigations should find the personal information of guests or employees to have been exposed, those individuals affected as such will be informed of the fact and of all future decisions and outcomes in writing.

The statement by management furthermore confirms that whether or not employees are requested to report for duty throughout the course of the investigation, all employees will be remunerated and benefited in full for the period spanning the internal inquiry. This, said the operator, was a decision taken in view of offering a measure of reassurance to its community.

FBI, Cyber Experts Involved

According to a news story ran by a local Sacramento news page, the breach is currently being investigated by several cyber-attack and law enforcement authorities – including the FBI. The latter is allegedly conducting its investigation from the premise of trying to determine whether the goal of the attack is to ultimately hold the First Nations tribe hostage by way of sensitive data, until such time as a ransom payment has been made by the tribe and casino.

Attacks of this nature are becoming increasingly more common and frequent, elaborated the casino’s online statement. It goes on to point out examples of similar recent breaches and hacks, including the systems of several major banks, a healthcare giant, and a “well-known” Las Vegas casino operator.

A 2019 cyberattack saw MGM Resorts become the target of a criminal organisation doing business on the dark net. Even though credit card information and user-passwords were not at the time obtained by the hackers, MGM did lament the data of more than 10.6 million guests breached and stolen at the time.

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