Boyd Gaming Hit With $300k Fine For Detention Incident

By Ben Hamill - September 30 2020

Boyd Gaming Hit With $300k Fine For Detention Incident

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has slapped Boyd Gaming’s Las Vegas Fremont Casino with a massive $300k fine. The fine is in response to a November 2019 incident that saw a female gambler man-handled and unlawfully detained by security guards for the alleged theft of slot machine credits that belonged to a fellow player. The message sent to casinos across the state is loud and clear: either treat customers with the necessary respect - or be prepared to face the consequences.

According to the original complaint filed by the customer, Fremont Casino Resort security staff on November 24 last year handcuffed and detained a female customer for around 90 minutes following the alleged theft of slot machine credits.

Security camera footage clearly shows a security officer in the casino’s employment grabbing the woman by the neck and arm before handcuffing her and hauling her off for questioning.

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Guards Acted Unprofessionally

According to the details of the complaint lodged by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) with the office of the local Deputy Attorney General, the board took issue with the way in which the woman was handled on the night of the incident. The actions of the security guards were completely disproportionate to the circumstances surrounding the incident, reported the NGCB.

The investigation furthermore revealed that the security guards had not only tried to coerce a confession out of the unlawfully detained woman but also forced her to pay an amount of $200 before allowing her to leave the premises of the gaming establishment. The cover-up attempt, ruled Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman John Moran Jr., was particularly troubling. So much so that Moran expressed himself hesitant to impose the suggested $300k fine, because according to him, given all that had transpired on November 24 last year, the fine should rightfully have been more.

Boyd Embarrassed By Incident

That Boyd Gaming wasn’t ultimately slapped with an even higher fine is most probably the result of the fact that the operator did actually report the incident to local regulators shortly after it had transpired on the night in question.

According to Boyd Vice President Steve Thompson’s testimony before the commission, the operator was embarrassed by the security officer’s handling of the situation – which Thompson said involved trying to play the hero instead of doing the job assigned to him.

It isn’t clear whether or not the security guard(s) discovered to have been in the wrong have been relieved of their duties.

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