Wynn’s Encore Cleared Of Irregularity Claims

By Ben Hamill - July 25 2019

Wynn’s Encore Cleared Of Irregularity Claims

Wynn Resorts’ Encore Boston Harbor Casino has been cleared of all allegations of wrongdoing brought against the casino by a recent class action lawsuit, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (EB) has said. The lawsuit was brought against the casino by one A. Richard Schuster and involved two major allegations. Schuster firstly alleged that the casino was breaking local laws by refusing to refund anything smaller than a dollar to slot players. The argument was one of “it all adds” up, leaving players out of pocket and the casino smiling all the way to the bank thanks to money that was in actual fact “stolen” from the balances remaining on player accounts.

The second allegation involved Blackjack. The plaintiff claims that the casino was offering an off-beat version of Blackjack not often played and what’s more, that the operator was yet again not being honest with its players by paying out according to the rules of a 6 to 5 ratio in Blackjack instead of the more traditional 3 to 2 ratio.

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Blackjack Played Fair

The operator responded openly and in a direct manner to all of the allegations brought before court and this will without a doubt have counted in its favour. The EB ruled in its investigation report that the operator wasn’t offering an entirely different variety of Blackjack, but that only the odds were calculated by making use of the 6 to 5 ratio. This, said the EB, could not be compared to a wholly different version of the game.

What’s more, the rules regarding the exact payout ratios are clearly printed on all of the casino’s Blackjack tables and players are at no point wilfully deceived by Wynn Resorts, as implied by Schuster and his legal counsel.

Victims Of A Witch Hunt?

The issue of slot machines not paying out anything not quite a dollar big was resolved too thanks to Wynn’s faultless attention to detail. Large information boards informing players that the venue’s slot machines did not enjoy coin dispensing functionality are glaringly visible all over the casino floor. Even so, players may still exercise their right to collect any small change from the casino’s cashiers and so the operator could not be faulted on the second of the two allegations either.

It certainly appears as if someone has a knife in for the operator for some reason unbeknownst to the rest of us. Wynn Resorts very nearly did not get to open its Boston Harbor Casino thanks to the sexual harassment charges brought against founder Steve Wynn. The operator was eventually made to jump through various hoops before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission cleared it for a local licence.

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