Possible New BetRegal Office For North Bay

By Ben Hamill - September 12 2021

Possible New BetRegal Office For North Bay

Mike Mirtl, CEO of BetRegal, has announced plans to open a new office. Though, according to him the location for the new facility will be in his old hometown of North Bay, Ontario. The decision is an unexpected one, but not unwelcome. According to Mirtl the office would greatly help in boosting the local economy, providing jobs for residents. Though, the CEO was not forthcoming about exactly how many jobs would be created.

Either way, the BetRegal corporation seems to be steaming ahead. It wasn’t long ago that a major deal was struck with King Sportswear, also located in North Bay, which was signed up to provide marketing materials. More importantly, however, a partnership was also struck with the Canadian Football League, which is a sure sign that massive growth is certainly on the cards.

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In More Detail

Mirtl is a relatively well-known local figure, not only owning his own North Bay property, but also recognised as an ambitious entrepreneur that started out in banking, only to move over to the gaming industry. However, his business focus has been, up until this point, largely focused on offshore opportunities. All of BetRegal’s current offices are located offshore, with facilities rooted in Curacao, Malta and Costa Rica.

But if the planned facilities in North Bay go ahead the CEO will finally be bringing business back home. The goal is, in his own words, to support the economy of his hometown, allowing him to give back to the community in any way he can.

He went on to explain that the North Bay office would be focused on providing customer support for his company’s users and would ultimately allow students at the Nipissing University to enjoy part time employment.

Not All Systems Go

Although Mirtl is already suggesting that the project will be launched in 2022, it isn’t yet a matter of the project being guaranteed. The fact of the matter is that his company has not yet received a provincial license, which is a fairly major hurdle. Word is that a license will be granted as soon as the end of the year, but this is by no means a sure thing. With that being said, Mirtl is remaining optimistic that his Ontario launch will be a tremendous success.

The CEO is clearly gearing up to take advantage of the new Canadian regulations provided by Bill C-218, which are opening up many doors for local sportsbooks.