BCLC Conference To Focus On No-Harm Future

By Ben Hamill - February 18 2020

BCLC Conference To Focus On No-Harm Future

The BCLC fully committed to a future that is complete free from gambling harm. And future-proofing the gambling industry against the dangers posed by problem gambling will to this end be the main focus of the upcoming New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference. The conference will be hosted by the BCLC in Vancouver from March 10 to 12 and is expected to attract hundreds of key international individuals who focus on everything from policymaking to healthy gambling and mental health research.

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Four main topics or areas of interest have been identified and these will be discussed by speakers briefed to lead discussions on a variety of elements relating to those topics. Each of the four topics relate to creating a harm-free future and each will be presented by an industry expert currently specialising and working in a relevant field of expertise.

4 Points For Discussion

The first of the four topics to be addressed will revolve around what the casino industry would have looked like today had industry role-players been equipped with the gift of foresight back when it had all just started out. Armed with specific knowledge about possible gambling-related harms, the question is whether or not the industry would have followed a different route. By considering possible outcomes to this question, today’s role-players may be able to draw on the benefit of a foresight in reverse of sorts.

The second topic will focus on the specific safeguards that would have been put into place if a blink into the future of gambling had in fact bee possible. Third up will be a discussion on the actual design of gaming products and gaming environments; with the focus again being on what it is that should have been done differently.

The fourth and final topic will be that of formulating an effective plan of action for the future. The aim will be to eventually identify what the particular gaps are that are stopping the industry short of growing socially responsibly.

For Future Reference

Another promising element associated with this year’s conference is that all findings reached by the conference will be adapted into a summary research-style report. This will ensure that the conference will have the type of reach and influence necessary in order to present the information in such a way that it remains useful for reference for a long time to come.

The aim is to come up with practical and implementable solutions for the global gambling industry so as to ensure its survival in a truly harm-free kind of way for many more generations to follow.

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