Latest BCLC Report Shows Casino Allocations

By Ben Hamill - June 22 2020

Latest BCLC Report Shows Casino Allocations

Gambling gaming entertainment in British Columbia for the moment remains limited to online gaming platforms, and since the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has declared itself in no hurry to resume in-person gaming, no reopening date has been scheduled for casinos in the province yet. The BCLC has declared itself committed to public health and safety as a number one priority.

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The Crown corporation did however recently release its gaming revenue allocations report for 2018/2019 and its been a meaningful reminder of how in-person gaming has contributed to the overall quality of life of British Columbian residents. In fact, casino revenue allocated to local education institutions, the provincial public health system, charitable contributions and allocations made to host municipalities have for quite some time now improved the lives of people living in BC.

GameSense Benefited Too

According to the Crown corporation’s latest casino revenue report, a phenomenal CA$1.4 billion in total in-person gaming revenue was generated over the course of the 2018/2019 financial book-year. Of that amount, at least CA$5.6 million was re-invested in programs offering counselling and help to those struggling with problem gambling.

The BCLC’s GameSense program is an award-winning program available at all BCLC-operated casino venues, and gamers all over the province have been making regular use of the help and guidance freely available to them. The program focuses on helping players work on an improved relationship with casino games by helping players gain an understanding of the pros and cons of the various games and entertainment available to them.

Cross-Provincial Benefits

A further CA$6 million was allocated toward local economic development projects. This money was used to improve local inner-city infrastructure, the beautification of roads and landmarks and the general improvement of city systems.

The provincial health system received a cash injection equal to CA$147.2 million for the reported year. This money was distributed among provincial hospitals and community health programs and initiatives freely available to all British Columbian citizens.

At a fantastic CA$983 million, the British Columbian provincial government received the largest slice of the casino revenue allocations pie. This money has since been distributed to the provincial education system, public upliftment programs and a large arrangement of community groups and programs.

Over the past three decades, an incredible CA$23 billion was reinvested back into the community. And even though gaming is currently only possible online, the hope is that players across the province will soon once again be in a position to safely interact with their favourite in-person gaming locations. 

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