Pollard And BCLC Ink 10 Year Extension

By Ben Hamill - March 21 2019

Pollard Extends Partnership With The BCLC

Award-winning Lottery games provider Pollard Banknote Ltd. has been working in partnership with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) for the last 30 years. Instant Lottery is Pollard’s speciality, and Canadian players are particularly fond of the concept of the instant win. A 33% rise in the sales of instant Lottery tickets over the last 5 years indicates more than just a keen interest or fondness. It also points to a winning business concept that must be explored and developed into all that it can be.

And this may be exactly why the two entities have announced that they will be working together and doing more of what they have been doing for the past 3 decades, for another ten years. The extension of the existing partnership contract came into force on February 1st, and will remain in force until December 31st, 2028.

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Instant Lotto Interest Grows

Despite the fact that players still enjoy waiting in anticipation for the numbers to fall once or twice every week, the tendency towards instant Lottery tickets is a rapidly growing one. Instant gratification has become so ingrained in every-day life that we’ve come to expect this of everything we do; even when playing the Lottery.

Quite understandably, people want immediate information about the size and nature of their winnings. Even in cases where nothing has been won, it’s still a case of no-win news being better than delayed news.

Pollard’s Impressive Portfolio

Pollard runs a diverse portfolio of instant Lottery games, including products such as PlayBook Mini™, Jumbo Pop n’ Play™ and Scratch FX®. Players find these games to be of a premium quality and know these brands by name.

According to the BCLC, the combined effort is currently collaborating about a brand new product and one, says the corporation, that will take the instant Lottery industry to new heights. Most of what the new product will offer is being saved as a surprise, but the BCLC did reveal that going forward, players will be able to, after the paper ticket has been scratched, use the ticket to participate in more games in the online arena.

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