British Columbia Casinos To Finally Reopen

By Ben Hamill - July 04 2021

British Columbia Casinos To Finally Reopen

After having been under lockdown restrictions for nearly a year and a half, British Columbia is finally seeing some normality. In particular, casinos in the area have had their doors firmly shut, with the world health crisis risks outweighing all other priorities.

But now, with lockdown rules easing, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) has made the announcement that many have been waiting for. Casinos in the area are once again getting ready to offer services to the public.

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Welcome Back

The GCGC made an announcement on June 29th, 2021, revealing that several casinos would again resume operations. The official date that doors will again be opened was clarified as being July 1st, 2021. No doubt both staff at the venues and local gambling enthusiasts are celebrating.

Some of the venues specified as ready to return to business included Chances Dawson Creek, Hastings Racecourse, Casino Nanaimo, Elements Casino Surrey, and many more.

However, although it is official that the casinos will again be accepting guests, not everything is immediately going back to how it once was. There will be many safety measures in place, given that the world health crisis is still an ongoing threat.

Safety Measures

In order to reduce risk, it was explained that all the open properties would have capacity restrictions in place. Additionally, many necessary health protocols will also be in place, helping to curb any potential spread. Slots and dealer operated table games will also only be operating at restricted volumes.

An Exciting Development

Despite the restrictions, Terrance Doyle, GCGC CEO, said that the long-awaited reopening is still an exciting development. He stressed that British Columbia has suffered unprecedented hardship over the course of 2020, and it is a relief to finally be able to see some normality return to the province. He went on to point out that over 1,000 works, all of which had been stranded over the course of 2020, will finally be able to return to work.

This is certainly good news for the province, and for the GCGC. Though, many are still fuming at the company over a handful of recent controversies. Several employees at the Casino Nanaimo recently filed class action lawsuits, claiming that their benefits had been cut during the lockdown. Previous CEO Rod Baker also came under fire, with locals enraged that he and his wife received early vaccinations in January. Baker claimed to be an essential worker in order to jump the queue.

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