Avalon Online Slots Review

By Ben Hamill - October 13 2014

Casino Game Images

If you’ve always wanted to join King Arthur and his court, then you’ll love enjoying the Avalon Online Slots. This is a five reel and 20 payline mobile slots game that features amazing eye popping graphics and awesome sound effects. It surrounds, as you would suspect, King Arthur’s Court and includes all of the characters from that legend. The symbols you’ll see here with the online slots game include the King’s Crown, the King’s Goblet, the King’s Brooch, the King’s Coat of Arms and more. Other things that casino games players will see is the chest that holds the king’s treasures, the island of Avalon where King Arthur would go to recovery from his fights and the Lady of the Lake. The aura of Avalon is alive and well here with the misty look of the lake and all of the characters who come together to create the look and feel of this ancient legend. Join King Arthur and see where the future and the past take you.

Having Fun

As you hear about the Avalon Online Slots Review, you’ll see that there are some great features here. The Avalon symbol is wild and can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. I’s also a high paying slots symbol in its own right, which adds to the fun of the online casino game. The Lady of the Lake is a scatter symbol and if you have two or more of them on the five reels you’ll win a payout. Now, if you have three or more of the Lady of the Lake symbols then you’ll get to the free spins feature. Here, with the online slots game, you’ll get 12 free spins and all of your winnings will be multiplied by a random multiplier that can go as high as 7x. Now, as anyone will tell you during an Avalon Online Slots Review, the chest acts as a wild symbol in the free spins section of the game along with the Avalon wild symbol. And this means that you have even more chances to win with two wild symbols in this part of the game.

Mist and Appeal

The Avalon mobile slots game allows any player to enjoy the ancient feel of the legend of King Arthur with the fun of the modern mobile platform. This combination means that any player will love playing this game. While many mobile slots games involve a modern theme and interesting ideas, this version involves an ancient legend. And for those who already love King Arthur, it’s an outstanding way to bring King Arthur to life and to enjoy all of the excitement that he has to offer.

Being Mobile as you Go

Of course, anyone who loves mobile slots knows that it’s the most convenient way to enjoy playing. While playing on the PC from home is nice, playing on the go is even more fun. This allows the user to play from an iPad, iPod, Android or any other mobile device. And he can play from any location where he finds himself with any device that he has at the ready. The graphics here are just as exciting as they are with the online slots games and the sound effects are just as dramatic. Players will love hearing more about the Avalon Online Slots Review choices and will love playing these games anytime of the day or night. Today’s casino games allow the user to bring the ancient traditions of a legend like King Arthur to life with modern technology. And anyone playing and enjoying will love this opportunity.

Checking for Promotions

Making sure as you play and enjoy casino games, as well, that you look into the promotions and bonuses that just might be at your fingertips. Many of the mobile sites today enable players to reap the benefits of their promotions and to get even more from their playing time. And with Avalon, this just might be the case at the location where you think of playing next.