ALC Takes Record Number Of US Election Bets

By Ben Hamill - November 18 2020

ALC Takes Record Number Of US Election Bets

Even though Canadians enjoyed no voting rights in the November 3 U.S. Presidential Election, they still displayed a keen interest by wagering about CA$436,000 via Crown corporation Atlantic Lottery Corp.’s Pro-Line platform. This according to Scott Eagles, Manager of Sports Betting at Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

What’s more, so confirmed Eagles, this year’s Presidential Election generated more than 15 times the value of the wagers placed by Canadians leading up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. This makes of the 2020 election a new record in terms of bets wagered – and the highest generator of sales in the betting history of the Atlantic Lottery Corp.

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PlayNow Reports New Record Too

But the Atlantic Lottery Corp. isn’t the only Crown corporation to have witnessed a record number of U.S. Presidential Election bets streaming in from all over. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation, too, generated a more-than fair share of wagers leading up to November 3 – with the eventual figures even outperforming the BCLC’s own initial predictions.

The Crown corporation initially predicted local bets on the election via its PlayNow platform to number around 10,000. However, by the time the markets had closed, the corporation had registered a staggering 12,000 individuals bets wagered on either a Joe Biden win or a Donald Trump re-election for four more years.

The staggering number of bets wagered this year via PlayNow smashed the previous record of 7,200 individual Presidential Election wagers placed in 2016.

Canadians Supported A Biden Win

Significant to note also is that the bookmakers this year once again predicted the odds as spot-on as they come – with one particular U.S. sports book having positioned Biden at an 87% likelihood of winning, and another doing the same at an only slightly lower 83.5%.

British Columbian residents mostly ended up pegging Donald Trump for a presidential win, with more than half betting in favour of the former reality television star. Nationwide, however, a total of 59% of all wagers were placed in support of Joe Biden being inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

Despite Canada being an independently governed country, whatever happens in the U.S. does inevitably end up having an impact on the lives of ordinary Canadians – not unlike how the U.S. affects almost every other country in the world. This alone makes of the U.S. Presidential Election a hot topic of debate and conversation – and certainly an even hotter than hot commodity at the bookmakers.

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