AI and Smart Systems To Offer Player Support

By Ben Hamill - March 19 2019

artificial intelligence

Attendees of the New Horizons in Responsible Gaming Conference are being educated about the innovative solutions that are at their disposal concerning the fight against problem gambling. Some of the topics up for discussion include artificial intelligence technology, and even loyalty programs.

It’s common knowledge that those suffering from any form of addiction are generally the last to acknowledge that they have a problem. Such is the nature of the illness, and an addiction to gambling is no exception. This is the main focus of the conference and workshop that was held recently at Vancouver’s Parc Hotel and Casino.

In most cases, experts are required whenever an addiction to gambling comes into play, but many studies have shown that AI technology has a lot to offer in aid of eradicating the problem too. Algorithms prove very effective whenever a specific routine or pattern becomes noticeable in a player’s online gambling behaviour, and this identification system can be deployed as means towards an early detection strategy.

For the most part, even before the players themselves have noticed that on a cognitive level that something is amiss or off the mark in terms of behaviour that is generally accepted as being healthy behaviour.

According to Katy Yam of Element AI, the mathematical approach involving algorithms and AI, may be one of the most effective solutions available today.

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More Than Just An Incentive

Ironically, loyalty programs may offer an in-depth insight into time and money spent on playing online casino games, as well as engaging in gambling activities at land-based casinos. Loyalty programs reward players for having reached specific goals in terms of regular interaction, money and time spent on certain games, and more.

Casinos reward players for having reached certain pre-specified goals. Players, in turn, experience feelings of accomplishment and a sense of being valued by another party. Whilst this isn’t deemed to be unhealthy behaviour in itself, the problem lies with the fact that some players end up performing above and beyond all expectations.

Player behaviour data at the disposal of loyalty programs can prove to be highly valuable in identifying players displaying obsessive and even addictive behaviour.

GameSense To Offer Support

Kiosks acting as monitoring stations have now been installed at a total of 17 casino venues all over British Columbia. The system serves to act as a type of social policing system. Whenever red flags go up in terms of problem behaviour, players will receive a push-notification and be prompted to visit the GameSense area located inside the casino. There, without experiencing any air of judgement, they will be advised on healthy alternatives as well as possible solutions that may prove useful to them in the fight against problem gambling behaviour.

GameSense is a British Columbia Lottery Corporation initiative and the help-stations have been installed at all BCLC-licensed casino venues.

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