Woodbine Mohawk Park Ready For Million Race

By Ben Hamill - February 12 2020

Woodbine Mohawk Park Ready For Million Race

Woodbine Mohawk Park is amped and ready to turn 2020 into a simply fantastic harness racing year. And to get things going, Woodbine is this year hosting a brand-new harness racing event expected to shadow all others. Those interested in making harness racing history will have to act quick though, as the deadline is as soon as February 18th

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Not only does Woodbine Mohawk Park have a diverse and exciting harness racing schedule planned for the coming year, but the prizes too, will be bigger than ever before in the history of harness racing in horse racing mad Ontario. And needless to say, the excitement ahead of the registration deadline for the inaugural Million Race is amped up all the way into the red. No surprise either as whoever owns the horse that wins the September 26 event will be sitting pretty in the super CA$1 million offered as 1st place prize money.

Only A Few Slots Available

Those interested in giving it a go will have to act quickly if a space is to be secured. Only 9 entries will be accepted and some of the race slots have already been filled. One of the entrants in the inaugural Millions Race is none other than a horse owned by John Fielding. Competing with the best of the best is always an added bonus and a good damn boost to bragging rights when it’s all over.

The entry fee for the inaugural instalment of the much talked-about new instalment on the annual harness racing calendar at Woodbine is a not-too-shabby US$110,000.00. This fee is payable in two instalments, with the first payment due on the date of registration, namely February 18th. The US$55,000 balance is payable before or on June 1st.

See You On The Weekend

Another exciting date not to be missed is as soon as February 15th, on which date the next Woodbine Standardbred Hi-5 Jackpot race will be run at the popular racecourse. Prize money to the tune of CA$152,060.29 is up for grabs among those who have wagered money on Saturday’s event. The last time the Standardbred High-5 Jackpot event was hosted by Woodbine was December 21st of last year. The event ended up being one of the best-attended races in the history of Woodbine Mohawk Park.

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for horse racing fans, and Woodbine Mohawk Park is front and centre of all the action.

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