Salon De Jeux Move Estimated At CA$12M

By Ben Hamill - May 02 2021

Salon De Jeux Move Estimated At CA12M

Loto-Québec outgoing president Lynne Roiter on Tuesday revealed the actual costs involved in the relocation of the Salon de Jeux. Roiter during an open-door finance committee meeting revealed that the cost of the move of the gaming venue to its new home in Beauport will run into the millions – roughly CA$12 million, to be exact.

The matter around the move is of course one that has been long on the discussion boards. Following many discussions and negotiations over the last few years, the decision was ultimately taken by local government that the venue be moved from the Fleur de Lys shopping center to the Beauport region’s Méga Center Beauport. 

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Government Fending Its Wickets

What has managed to raise heavy public concern is that the relocation contract was signed without as much as a single public call for bidders. After the move had initially been decided on back in 2018, during a local election campaign, the only decision left remaining had been where the venue would ultimately be moved to.

The decision to move the venue was heavily questioned by André Fortin, leader of the Liberal Party. Fortin questioned Finance Minister Eric Girard on the decision to relocate the gaming venue, during which time the initial decision was made to move the establishment to a site owned by Manitoba company Canada Vie.

Girard said at the time that the decision to relocate had nothing to do with whoever owned the destination building or site, and everything with the actual anticipated positive net value.

What should be mentioned for context is that the Salon de Jeux has been moved twice since 2014. Since 2007, the costs involved with the gaming hall’s many relocations have amounted to a crazy CA$5 million in relocation and expansion costs and expenses alone.  

Move Serves A Dual Purpose

According to Crown corporation Loto-Québec, the move, which is anticipated to happen in November this year, will more likely than not, mean significant benefits for the Beauport region.

But the move serves a second purpose also, which is to protect the community of Fleur de Lys – a group local government considers to be highly-vulnerable from an economic and problem gambling point of view.

Residents of Fleur de Lys, however, believe that the move will bring about more negative consequences than positive results. A group of residents in September 2020 even went as far as signing a petition to the effect that the gambling hall remains in their region – with over 1,100 signatures collected at the time in support of the establishment staying put.

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