Zitro Named Best Video Bingo Provider

By Ben Hamill - March 05 2021

Zitro Named Best Video Bingo Provider

Zitro has been named Best Video Bingo Provider by the judges of the SAGSE awards. This stellar recognition clearly shows that despite its phenomenal growth in the online video slots industry, the company has continued to lead the way with the product that first secured its success back in its early days: Video Bingo.

Both online video slots and Video Bingo have achieved phenomenal success in both the land-based as well as the online gaming (iGaming) sectors, which achievement is in and of itself a very special accolade and milestone reached. 

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Excitement About A Job Well Done

Excited about the award is Zitro CEO Sebastian Salat, who commented on the achievement by saying how proud the company was to be recognised for a “job well done”. Salat said that two exceptionally important goals had been achieved, and that the award once again showcased this to the industry and to the world.

Salat said what pleased him most about Zitro’s success is the fact that the company managed to build a world of accomplishment out of its phenomenal range of online video slots, but at the same time, has not lost sight of its origins: Video Bingo. He said Zitro would continue working in this direction of achieving success with both product lines, and that the team is thrilled to be in a position of continuously installing both products with award-winning success and acclaim.

Founder Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, too, added his voice to the commentary by reiterating the company’s obsession with customer satisfaction and the providing of unbeatable support services to all its business lines and across its entire distribution channel. He said that whether products were offered via land-based outlets, or through Zitro Digital, everything the company has touched to date, has turned to pure gold.

The Zitro Secret To Success

But what has been Zitro’s recipe for the incredible success that it’s managed to achieve over recent years?

According to Ortiz, the creative genius behind the Zitro brand, a passion for Video Bingo, combined with a commitment and desire to take care of the product line, has been at the heart of the organisation’s many milestones reached to date.

An approach that has been followed all throughout by Zitro, explained Ortiz, has been one of not only adapting to the constant changes experienced by the online Bingo and casino markets, but also anticipating those changes beforehand. This has enabled the organisation to adopt a truly proactive approach, he explained.